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Welcome to my Educational Technology Portfolio!

The journey in this program has been filled with many wonderful experiences! I am a librarian at a small private liberal arts college. I provide information literacy instruction to students, research assistance, and collection and budget analysis. Through this MET program, I learned how to improve my educational pedagogy and how that pedagogy fits within larger learning theories, particularly the learning theory of Connectivism. I also improved the support I offer to faculty through my Administrative roles and committees. In fact I was just appointed to serve as the librarian representative on the campus Educational Technology Committee where I can use what I have learned about design, evaluation and planning to benefit the role of educational technology throughout the organization.

Come and walk through my reflection of this program with me! The Artifacts page lists standards of practice from the Association for Educational Communications and Technology. I have matched each standard to at least one project, or artifact, that I completed for the program. You can link through the artifact name to view my actual project. The Rationale Paper describes how the artifact demonstrates my mastery of each AECT standard. Finally, the video documents my thoughts on highlights of this program.

I hope you enjoy this summary and reflection of the past two years. They have been a whirlwind of learning and improving my professional roles in educational and administrative spheres.

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